Peer-Reviewed Books

Regional Courts, Domestic Politics, and the Struggle for Human Rights. 2020. Cambridge University Press.

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Violence Against Women and the Law, with David L. Richards. 2015. Routledge.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“From Litigation to Rights: The Case of the European Court of Human Rights,” with Ryan Welch. 2021. International Studies Quarterly 65(1): 210-222.

“Overlapping Human Rights Institutions: Introducing the Women’s Rights Recommendations Digital Database (WR2D2),” with Courtney Hillebrecht. 2020. Journal of Peace Research 57(5): 648-657.

“International Institutional Design and Human Rights: The Case of the Inter-American Human Rights System.” 2019. Conflict Management and Peace Science 36(6): 608-625.

Enforcement of Sexual Violence Law in Post-Civil Conflict Societies,” with David Richards. 2018. Conflict Management and Peace Science 35(3): 280-295.

“Torture Allegations as Events Data: Introducing the Ill-Treatment and Torture (ITT) Specific Allegation Data,” with Courtenay R. Conrad and Will H. Moore. 2014. Journal of Peace Research. 51(3):429-438.

“Disaggregating Torture Allegations: Introducing the Ill-Treatment and Torture (ITT) Country-Year Data,” with Courtenay R. Conrad and Will H. Moore. 2013. International Studies Perspectives 14(2): 199-220.


National Science Foundation Grant, Law and Social Sciences Program. 2018. “Collaborative Research: Examining Compliance with Rights Regimes.” SES-1823804 (UK) & SES-1823771 (Nebraska-Lincoln). Co-Principal Investigator (with Courtney Hillebrecht). Project Award: $269,676 [UK award: $110,354 2018]

Other Publications

Exploring the Consequences of the Normative Gap in Legal Protections Addressing Violence Against Women,” with David Richards. 2018. In The Legal Protection of Women from Violence: Normative Gaps in International Law, eds. Rashida Manjoo and Jackie Jones. New York: Routledge.

Working Papers

“International Human Rights Recommendations at Home: Introducing the Women’s Rights Compliance Database,” with Courtney Hillebrecht and Hannah Read. Conditionally accepted at International Interactions.

“Lobbying, Access Points, and the Protection of Human Rights,” with Kimberly Fruge and Sean Ehrlich. Under review.

“Moving the Needle: Recommendation Precision and Compliance with Women’s Rights Recommendations,” with Courtney Hillebrecht. Working Paper.

“Damages Awarded by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: The Role of Violation Severity, Victim Identity, and State Capacity,” with Francesca Parente. Working Paper.

“Actions and Agents: Compliance with International Human Rights Recommendations,” with Courtney Hillebrecht. Working Paper.